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About us
  Our company is a collection of environmental protection Chemical company that develops, produces and sells additives. For many years, the company has been committed to high-tech environmental protection additives in textile, sizing, pva1799, solid propylene printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, dyes, medicine Development and application in the fields of papermaking and leather. The company has assets of 20 million yuan and more than 580 employees (including 60 engineers, 105 technicians, and several foreign experts), and related colleges and universities...More\u0026gt;\u0026gt;
Contact: Manager Liu
Mobile: 18651777555
QQ customer service: 2428302555 2572680728
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Address: Shanghai Songjiang District Import and Export Industrial Park
sulphur water soluble Wax sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Sizing waxy wax tablets sizing, pva1799, solid Propylene Solid acrylic for sizing sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Special LF-2 polymer enhancer for sizing Special LF-2 polymer nanopaste for sizing sizing , pva1799, solid propylene Yarn-dyed environmentally friendly slurry additive
Imported starch denaturant sizing, pva1799 , solid propylene Imported starch denaturant sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Pure polyester special slurry additive (water soluble polyester sizing , pva1799, solid propylene LF-6 sizing glue sizing, pva1799 , solid propylene High-efficiency smoothing agent for sizing sizing, pva1799, solid Propylene Imported starch viscosity reducer
Textile sizing wax, softener, polymeric slurry sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Textile sizing wax, softener, polymer slurry sizing, pva1799, solid propylene New slurry replacing polyvinyl alcohol 1799 sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Plastic reduction of pwa179 on polyester and cotton varieties sizing, pva1799 , solid propylene New slurry to reduce costs sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Advanced sizing propylene
Replace the slurry sizing of low polymerization degree low alcoholysis polyvinyl alcohol, pva1799, solid propylene Replace the low degree of polymerization and low alcoholysis of polyvinyl alcohol sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Plastic reduction of pwa179 on polyester and cotton varieties sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Sizing oil agent sizing, pva1799, solid Propylene Antistatic agent for textile sizing, pva1799, solid propylene High-efficiency light serum remediation solution (high content)
Heavy Remediation Liquid Sizing, pva1799 , solid propylene Heavy Remedy Solution sizing, pva1799, solid propylene PVA1799  Sizing, pva1799, solid propylene Efficient polyester antistatic agent JY-S05 Liquid Nano Slurry Aid Rectified Butter
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Company News
· Sizing process parameters and quality control [2017-8-7]
· Sizing slurry [2017-8-7]
· Regulations on the terminology of commonly used modified starch pastes for textiles [2017-8-7]
· New High Speed Sizing Machines and Traditional Sizing Machines [2017-8-7]
· The purpose and requirements of sizing [2017-8-7]
· Factors affecting sizing rate [2017-8-7]
· Antistatic technology for textiles [2017-7-11]
Service Mission
· Textile Ink · Flame-retardant fabric · Tiansi · Stock clothing · phosphoric acid · Chemical Solvents · Aluminium Sulfate · True stone paint
· Maintenance tablet printer · Mats · · Corduroy fabric · Polyethylene polypropylene · Wood pellet machine · ·
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